Nature or Nurture?

Alexandra Peters is a petite, beautiful, soft-spoken, mother of five children under the age of twelve.  Family is everything to her and having a Masterful portrait created in a sacred place was her top priority this summer.  She gathered her husband and five children, then drove an hour and a half to arrive at my studio.  Unruffled by the drive, they arrived in good spirits.  As she introduced me, I was astonished by the sweet personalities and polished manners of her young kids.  With grace commanding, she gave everyone their portrait clothes and they were dressed and ready without a fuss.

When we arrived at the beach, it was my turn to be in charge. Time to compose a lyrical portrait; timing critical, so everyone would have a nice expression in the same 125th of a second.  When composing the family portrait,  I was awestruck at how easily these joyful little kids engaged in the creation of their family portrait.  Even though four of the five kids looked just like their father, they all possessed the light grace of their mother.  I couldn’t help but wonder if they inherited her soft personality traits or if it was learned.  Nature or nurture?

Alexandra Peters04

Alexandra Peters03

Alexandra Peters01

Alexandrs Peters02


I hope your summer has been filled with many rich family moments that will become stories to tell. Always remember the summer of 2014 with a portrait created in a magical setting. Please call upon me soon. phone 650-726-1412  email  tamara@coastsidephotography.com




Tamara Trejo




What they remember

For generations, wise mothers have honored the tradition of having a professional portrait created of their children.


Who will these children grow up to be?  That is not yet known.  A bit of who they will become is present at a very young age.



He has boundless energy; always running, jumping and climbing, but put a creature in his hands and he settles down with curiosity and gentleness. He loves all animals; dogs, cats, and bunnies but his favorites (in my opinion) are the creepiest; frogs, snakes and salamanders.

















The ocean shore is his play ground. When handed a conch he doesn’t hold it to his ear like most kids. He blows it like a trumpet.




Langer 03

Mother’s always say,  “Hold hands while crossing the street.”   The mother of these beach babies says,  “hold hands while walking near the waves.” Will growing up at the beach define these kids?





As time goes by, he may forget the little things that made him feel secure and happy as a little two-year old boy.  As long as he had Mr.Bunny and his personal little man chair he felt safe and happy anywhere.




Enchanted forest2014She still believes in fairytales and loves to play dress-up.  In a blink of an eye, she’ll be a teenager.


“The images on which we feed govern our lives.” Marion Woodman

As you decorate your cozy family nest,  please be sure to include artful images of your children.  These portraits will not only warm your home, but they will honor your family and speak of what you hold dear.  The best homes are decorated in the spirit of family.


I can help you with the design concept, create the portrait art piece, frame it, and even deliver and hang your portraits.  Call me for details.  (650) 726-1412




Tamara Trejo


PS  A parent must accompany children during portrait sessions.






21b croneBorn in the great melting pot, we are the American Goddesses.  We are not pedigrees, we are a mixed breed, a tribe of all cultures. Our DNA holds the memory of many matriarchal societies that functioned from the heart.  On a cellular level, we know that honoring the Divine Feminine and returning to a matriarchal civilization will save the world.

Our Grandmothers are from all cultures. Some are Native Americans; others immigrated  from Africa, Europe, China, India and all  the corners of the world. They have handed down their matriarchal culture, their knowledge of herbal medicine, songs, dances, and rituals.  They were deeply connected to Mother Earth, the moon, the seasons, and animals.  They held reverence for the caring of infants, children and the elderly.

It’s amazing that their voices have survived witch hunts, the trail of tears and slavery.  I hear their whispers every time I gather in a circle of women without fear of persecution. I feel their spirit when I create images of lovely women and hold them to the heights of a God.

I honor and thank all my ancestral mothers who had their inherent Goddess essence silenced in their time. Their Goddess birthright miraculously lived on through the generations to this point in time. Our time is one where the women of America can, without fear, stand in their Divine light and embody the Great Goddesses of our ancestors.

The images below are from my American Goddess series. Each woman embodies Goddesses from many cultures.

Sarasvati, Isis

Sarasvati, Isis

Gaia,  Terra, Mawu

Gaia,  Terra,   Mawu

Ostara,  Cordelia,  Ishtar

Ostara, Ishtar

Artemis, Rhiannon

Artemis,  Rhiannon,  Diana

Sulis, Freyja, Lakshmi

Sulis   Freyja  Lakshmi

Maat, Themis, Athena

Maat,  Themis

Kuan Yin, Pele, Kali

Kuan Yin, Pele,  Kali

Aphrodite, Aeracura, Brigit

Aphrodite,  Aeracura

Ixchel, Nemetona

Ixchel,  Nemetona

Maiden,       Maiden,       Crone

Maiden, Mother, Crone


Crone, Dana 

Yes, Crone, we are taking back the word Crone and reinstating it to the original meaning; Sage or wise woman to be respected and revered.  The modern dictionary meaning is wrong and insulting.  As the Baby Boomer women of America grow into wise women, more and more Crone ceremonies are commencing and women are being honored for their years.

The Dali Lama said, “The Western women will save the world.”

Here’s a link to see more of my Goddess Portrait work.  Goddess Portraits  If you are interested in creating a Goddess portrait of yourself or a Crone ceremony, please contact me for a design consultation;  phone 650 726-1412 or email Tamtrejo@pacbell.net

I wish you all the best as you travel the path of the Goddess and recognize that she exists within you.


Tamara Trejo



Ah…love, that deep-rooted visceral feeling of satiation. That unexplainable knowingness, that eludes the intellect.

That feeling of rich creamy chocolate melting in your mouth, holding your child closely, playing with your pet, gazing upon sensational art, honoring your own divinity, returning to your cozy home, connecting to Mother Earth or kissing your Lover.  We all know what it feels like. But what does it look like?

As a portrait Artist, my passion is to create images that convey emotion. Love is the most powerful emotion.  Today I share with you some of my favorite love portraits.

Lovers half moon bay

DSC_2165artNEW copyAphroditeDSC_1199 copyKarina & Sue Blogmother's loveartimisPuppy love Coastside photography

A wise woman once said to me, “The love you are capable of giving to others is directly related to the love you give to yourself.”

May you indulge in life’s simple pleasures, pamper yourself, savor your solitude, and connect deeply with the loving people in your life.

I wish you all many Happy Valentines.


Tamara Trejo

(650) 726-1412

P.S. Who was it who said “Love is my religion ?”


2013 In Review

I returned to the studio after a long holiday rest and began the task of archiving the portrait sessions from 2013.  One by one, I looked at each file.   Feelings of deep gratitude, awe and laughter came over me as I looked at each phenomenal portrait session.  I reflected on the wonderful people who chose to create with me, their loving connection to each other, and how their spirits shined so brightly.

Below is a slide show of my 2013 portraits.

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One of the highlights of my Career, this year, was being voted  favorite photographer in the Half Moon Bay Review’s reader choice awards.  Thank you to all who voted for me.  It felt really good to be recognized in my hometown.

Favorite Photographer

Favorite Photographer

I wish you all a happy New Year, filled with deep belly laughs, abundant prosperity and moments so rich they become the stories you tell time and time again.  May your home be beautiful, comfortable and a place of loving family connection.


Tamara Trejo


In Half Moon Bay, the last few months of the year are the best.  I love Half Moon Bay in the winter because of the warm specular winter light and minus tides at early sunset.

As an artist working in the natural environment,  I am constantly inspired by the ever-changing beauty of Half Moon Bay.

My favorite is when Mother Ocean calms and recedes to reveal a shining carpet of wet sand for me to create upon.  When the waves are so slow and predictable:

I can place a baby in the water for her portrait.

baby chair

Heaven reflects on the earth.

Heaven n earth

One can stand on her head, and Mother Ocean provides a little foam to rinse her hair.


The sky turns cotton candy pink to match a little girl’s coat.

cotton candy

When the magic of nature’s elements are so strong, even the family cat is inclined to walk on water.

Langer Family

We do get a few chilly days and some rain this time of year, but it quickly passes, and the calmness of winter in Half Moon Bay prevails.

My family and I have taken a Christmas Day Beach Walk many times. It always fills me with joy, gratitude, and a deep knowing that I chose the right place to make my home.

avery butt

Wishing you all a season filled with peace and joy.

For more information about my work please visit my website www.coastsidephotography.com

The minus tides at sunset will continue for a while.  If you are inspired to create a portrait in these awesome winter conditions, please contact me by

phone (650) 726-1412 or just respond to this blog post.


Tamara Trejo



In this month of thanksgiving I reflect on the things for which I am grateful.  If I wrote them all on a list, it would be a mile long, so pardon me, Dear Ones, if I don’t mention you by name.  Here is my top ten:

  • With deep gratitude, I am so thankful for my number one fan, my husband, Grant Walters, who is blind to my faults and constantly reminds me of my gifts.
  • I am grateful for my family and friends who support me on so many levels.
  • I am grateful for my clients who fulfill my artistic spirit by creating with me.
  • I am grateful for the circle of wise women who gather with me on the full moon to celebrate the divine feminine.
  • I am grateful for my mentor Jan Phillips, who constantly inspires me.
  • I am grateful for my yoga teacher Jessica Archer aka Young Wise One, who leads me in a profound, body, mind and spirit yoga practice.
  • I am grateful for the rhythm of my daily life.
  • I am grateful Dr. Wesley Walters who helps me care for my colorful Victorian photography studio on Main Street.
  • I am grateful for Dr. Lisa Chu,  who leads our E Squared book club.  With intuitive knowledge of the universe she holds this gathering in nature.
  • I am grateful to live in Half Moon Bay.  This coastside community resonates with my core values and the natural environment inspires me to create.

Below are a few of my landscape images.

Inspired my the sheer beauty of our Coastside.

New Year


field of gold 2

pumpkins 2013 01

Chessy 03


The above images are a gift for you.  You may use them as screen savers, or any way you like.  I only ask that you give me credit and perhaps browse my website www.coastsidephotography.com   I hope you are inspired by my website. Feed back is always welcome.

Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving.  I am grateful that you have taken time to read this blog.


Tamara Trejo